Subway Maps Simplified

NYC Subway map

After living and working in the New York area for some time, people understand how to find their way around the legendary New York subway system. What may seem frightening and overwhelming to newcomers is second nature to those of us who get it; however, anyone traveling to a new city — any city with […]

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Why You Should Use Site Intercept Survey Data

You’ve seen them before: the little pop-up boxes that appear on websites you visit, inviting you to take a survey of some sort. Depending on your availability, interest in the site, or desire to procrastinate, you may have taken the time to fill one out. If you’re like most people, that’s where your experience will […]

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Must-Watch Talks From Interaction14

A few of us attended the Interaction14 conference in Amsterdam this February. The event was packed with tons of interesting people, and we had the opportunity to hear some thought-provoking talks and to attend workshops that got us inspired to approach projects in some new, interesting ways. Luckily, many of the talks that were presented […]

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Book Release: ‘The Encyclopedia of Humor Studies’

Here at Catalyst, we pride ourselves on having a community of diverse opinions and perspectives. Often, our practitioners will bring their unique viewpoints and experiences that stem from their personal interests to the projects we work on. Recently, Catalyte and UX Designer Chelsey Delaney had the opportunity to combine two of her passions, humor and […]

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“How to Better Handle the Stress of UX Work” Talk at RE:DESIGN

Stress. It’s an insidious problem of the modern work world. For user experience professionals, whose designs are constantly under debate and scrutiny, and who have frequent deadlines and presentations in which it’s important to impress, daily working life can become quite stressful. The pressure can have adverse effects on our work and personal well-being, so […]

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11 Guidelines for Establishing a Client-Friendly Project Approach

I recently had a less than positive experience with the manager of a service vendor we work with. It wasn’t over-the-top bad, but it was bad enough to reinforce my sense that the vendor has a problematic workplace culture. It really got me thinking about ineffective ways to deal with clients, which helped me to focus on more […]

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