NYC Subway map

After living and working in the New York area for some time, people understand how to find their way around the legendary New York subway system.

What may seem frightening and overwhelming to newcomers is second nature to those of us who get it; however, anyone traveling to a new city — any city with a subway — will probably experience the anxiety of reading and navigating the often unclear maps that are meant to communicate the workings of the city’s subway system.

Over the past few years, Jug Cerovic has been working to alleviate the confusion that is born from the jumble of winding lines and hidden labels that make up most subway maps. Cerovic simplified the map experience by enlarging city centers to provide room for displaying the lines and stations that exist there. He also chose to use more uniform colors, symbols and labeling on his maps.

As always, we love seeing designs that simplify people’s lives. After all, that’s why we love working in UX. Take a look at Cerovic’s maps — you might want to keep them in mind the next time you travel.

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