Paul Smith Tour de France Poster

I dig these promotional Tour de France posters. Here’s why:

The posters work together individually, and as a whole.
Each poster works when viewed on its own, and when viewed side by side. The posters are part of a carefully considered design system. The designer created iconic shapes using the outlines of the different Tour de France routes.

The designs are graphically interesting, but also meaningful.
This is a great example of something we are always trying to achieve with our UX designs at Catalyst – the balance of function and beauty. At first glance, the posters felt abstract to me, almost like torn paper. After a few seconds I noticed the hand-drawn arrows, which show the routes of each stage of the race.

The posters got me excited.
I never had any interest in the Tour de France, but seeing these posters made me want to check it out. Something about them changed the way I thought about the Tour de France. I guess that’s the power of design – it can inspire someone to do something they never would have done before.

Read more about Paul Smith’s posters here:

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