Clockulator (, an easy-to-use responsive web app, can quickly determine what time you should go to sleep, wake up or start getting ready, as well as when you should leave to plan for a punctual arrival at your destination.

I built Clockulator to fulfill a need I had, which originated during a time when I had to be at several client meetings at different times and locations during the day.

The nightly chore of looking up multiple train arrival times, figuring out the commute time for getting to the train station in addition to how long the actual train ride would take, determining how long it would take me to get ready in the morning, then subtotaling that time and eventually subtracting it from my train’s departure time grew irritating and time consuming. Worrying about the accuracy of those calculations wasn’t helping either.

So, I looked for an iPhone app that would alleviate these pains. To my surprise, a solution did not exist.

Then, while attending a front-end web development class during the summer of 2013, I started developing Clockulator for my final assignment. At the time I called the app “Alarm Clock Calculator”, and did not include any alarms, error messages, support for a 24-hour format or any of the other ancillary sections of the website such as “About”, “Terms”, “Contact”, etc.

For the next year, whenever I had spare time, I continued to develop Clockulator until its release last week.

For now, it will remain a single task web app. Going forward, I plan to monitor user feedback, and if appropriate demand exists, develop a more robust iPhone and Android app that will use native device alarms as well as feature a possible integration with Google Maps.

Until then, you can use the extra few minutes that Clockulator saves you each time to give thanks to your old pal, Chris!


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