Products are Dead. Long live Services!

It used to be easy to draw a clear distinction between products and services. Products were physical, manufactured “goods” that were purchased and owned by a customer. The value of a product was derived from its use or consumption over time – which lasted until it was used up or worn out. Services were intangible […]

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Iterating Personas Through Multi-method Research

The process of conducting ongoing research is immensely important to developing and executing successful digital strategies. In order to understand what direction a product or service should take, we always make sure to understand the business objectives, user needs, and product or service goals. All of this information is uncovered through a variety of research […]

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Tree Testing: The Top 5 Reasons You Need It

The science of classifying and labeling content is essential to creating a delightful digital experience. It’s the intuitive organization of information that allows users to seamlessly navigate through a site without ever feeling uncertain about where to go next or trying to shake a nagging feeling that they’re missing something relevant that’s been placed in […]

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