‘Sustainable’ UX Design


When people talk about “sustainable design”, they’re usually talking about environmentally sustainable design. But sustainable UX design, in its most literal sense, can mean that the design process has orchestrated a system that allows the design to stay flexible, to grow and to endure. Sure, all great designers consider the flexibility and long-term states of […]

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The New Status “Cymbal” of Good Design: Drummers

A recent compilation of scientific studies shows that drummers are particularly amazing at solving problems, given a mental tie between intelligence and good timing. Maintaining a good rhythm, according to the studies, improves the brain’s cognitive function. What we glean from this for design: Move over design unicorns, we want design drummers — having a designer who […]

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Join Us: World Usability Day 2014 in NYC

Calling all usability professionals, novices, and anyone in between: This Thursday, Nov. 13, is World Usability Day. Talks and events celebrating this year’s theme, “Engagement”, will take place around the world. If you’re in the NYC vicinity, join us for the NYC User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) World Usability Day 2014 panel, which brings together […]

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‘FunnyBizz Conference’ to Unite Humor and Business, NYC-Style

Screenshot of funnybizz.co

FunnyBizz Conference Thurs., Oct. 30, 2014 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Galapagos Art Space, 16 Main St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 If you’ve ever held an interest in incorporating humor into your business, service or product but have been unsure of how to go about it, look no further than the FunnyBizz Conference (“Where Business Meets Humor […]

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Optimizing Online Text for Usability

Inverted Pyramid

Many people argue for using less text online because “people just don’t read anymore” — that might be the case. But, text isn’t going anywhere, and its use can’t (or shouldn’t, at least) be avoided. While it’s always advisable to use graphical elements within a design, it’s also extremely important to remember the potential power […]

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Creative Research Recruiting: NYC Taxi’s “Passenger Survey”

After a dinner that was interrupted by several startling inclement weather alerts from my phone, I hopped into the nearest cab home, drenched and somewhat annoyed. My irritability rushed me (at a quicker-than-usual pace) to cancel/mute/kill the programming reel I knew was about to run on the cab’s “passenger information monitor” (PIM). But, that’s when […]

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Catalyst and Jefferson Partner for the Redesign of Jefferson.edu

Catalyst is proud and excited to congratulate Jefferson on the launch of its suite of both redesigned and newly designed sites, which includes: The Jefferson enterprise site (jefferson.edu) The Thomas Jefferson University site (jefferson.edu/university), The Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals site (hospitals.jefferson.edu), The Jefferson Physicians site (http://physicians.jefferson.edu/), The Jefferson Philanthropy site (http://connect.jefferson.edu/s/1399/start.aspx), and The Jefferson Innovation site […]

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Book Release: ‘The Encyclopedia of Humor Studies’

Here at Catalyst, we pride ourselves on having a community of diverse opinions and perspectives. Often, our practitioners will bring their unique viewpoints and experiences that stem from their personal interests to the projects we work on. Recently, Catalyte and UX Designer Chelsey Delaney had the opportunity to combine two of her passions, humor and […]

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Whataburger (and External Architecture in Service Design)

Interaction designers know that (information) architecture can make or break an experience. But, when we look outside at the businesses and services we use on a daily basis, we see that architecture — particularly the external architecture of buildings — is beginning to play less and less of a role in contributing to the infrastructural […]

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‘Arrested Development’ UI Showcase

In honor of recent press hinting that more Arrested Development will come, please find a comprehensive set of interfaces featured (in order of appearance) from the last season. All of the interfaces are fictional; however, University of Phoenix, Deadline Hollywood, and Zillow are real websites that feature Arrest Development content and/or have been tweaked for […]

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