Products are Dead. Long live Services!

It used to be easy to draw a clear distinction between products and services. Products were physical, manufactured “goods” that were purchased and owned by a customer. The value of a product was derived from its use or consumption over time – which lasted until it was used up or worn out. Services were intangible […]

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Iterating Personas Through Multi-method Research

The process of conducting ongoing research is immensely important to developing and executing successful digital strategies. In order to understand what direction a product or service should take, we always make sure to understand the business objectives, user needs, and product or service goals. All of this information is uncovered through a variety of research […]

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Tree Testing: The Top 5 Reasons You Need It

The science of classifying and labeling content is essential to creating a delightful digital experience. It’s the intuitive organization of information that allows users to seamlessly navigate through a site without ever feeling uncertain about where to go next or trying to shake a nagging feeling that they’re missing something relevant that’s been placed in […]

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Testing Reality

People see things differently. We know that everyone experiences reality through the filter of his or her own experiences, culture, environment and biology. We know this intellectually, but we’re also trapped in our own perceptions and preconceptions. We take for granted that what we see or think is the way things actually exist. The current […]

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Navigating the Mobile Hamburger
Menu: Age Matters

Many recent articles and blog posts have addressed  the use of the hamburger menu on mobile websites and apps. We here at Catalyst Group have written about it in the past as well (read One Hamburger, Hold the Menu on the use of the hamburger menu on desktop). Although the hamburger menu’s popularity continues to […]

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‘Sustainable’ UX Design


When people talk about “sustainable design”, they’re usually talking about environmentally sustainable design. But sustainable UX design, in its most literal sense, can mean that the design process has orchestrated a system that allows the design to stay flexible, to grow and to endure. Sure, all great designers consider the flexibility and long-term states of […]

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StartUp Podcast Gets the Google Treatment

If you aren’t listening to the StartUp podcast, you should be. It’s nominally the story of a startup podcast company as they go from founding to funding to audience research and product development. What makes StartUp special, however, is that the company founders, especially Alex Blumberg (a former This American Life producer), have allowed listeners […]

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Designing For Employees

Recently, we’ve been working with several clients on designing tools for their employees. This work always holds a special place in our heart, because we find that internal design projects are too-often neglected. Today’s workforce increasingly depends on digital interfaces to complete some, or all, of their job. But, companies often invest time and money […]

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