Free Webinar: Delivering Great User Experiences in a Multi-Device World

  There is more than a one-in-three chance that you’re reading this on a smartphone or tablet*. With the rising number of people accessing the Internet from mobile devices, businesses need to look closely at how their websites display and work on an array of devices. In this webinar, we’ll share how to create responsive […]

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Introducing the MVPOC: Building a Better Proof of Concept

The pace at which technology and user needs evolve means that businesses must continually improve their products or introduce new ones that better fit the market. Startups excel at coping with this rate of change — their very survival depends on it. Here at Catalyst, we’ve helped our clients from larger organizations take a page […]

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Optimizing Online Text for Usability

Inverted Pyramid

Many people argue for using less text online because “people just don’t read anymore” — that might be the case. But, text isn’t going anywhere, and its use can’t (or shouldn’t, at least) be avoided. While it’s always advisable to use graphical elements within a design, it’s also extremely important to remember the potential power […]

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Clockulator: Know When to Get Up and Go

Clockulator (, an easy-to-use responsive web app, can quickly determine what time you should go to sleep, wake up or start getting ready, as well as when you should leave to plan for a punctual arrival at your destination. I built Clockulator to fulfill a need I had, which originated during a time when I […]

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Using Emotion to Encourage Hygiene

According to the Biovigil demo video, HAIs – or “Healthcare Acquired Infections” – are the 4th leading cause of death in America and cost the US healthcare system a staggering $30-$40 billion dollars a year. A major contributor to these infections is the transmission of microbes from one patient to another on the un-sanitized hands […]

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Material – Google’s New UX Design Language

Google recently released their design language “Material” and we’re all waiting patiently to discover what it’s like to live in a “material world” (as it’s being referred to). This is a decisive push for consistency across their product ecosystem and platforms and we’re excited to see how it affects interface design trends and usability expectations. To […]

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Creative Research Recruiting: NYC Taxi’s “Passenger Survey”

After a dinner that was interrupted by several startling inclement weather alerts from my phone, I hopped into the nearest cab home, drenched and somewhat annoyed. My irritability rushed me (at a quicker-than-usual pace) to cancel/mute/kill the programming reel I knew was about to run on the cab’s “passenger information monitor” (PIM). But, that’s when […]

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The Harmony of
UX Design Language Systems

What is a UX design language system? A UX design language system is an overarching set of design rules that maintains harmony across an ecosystem of digital products. It helps you deliver optimal product experiences on all platforms. It’s a way of making sense of entire digital ecosystems and mashes “brand languages”, “design principles”, “human interface guidelines”, “styleguides”  and “motion guides” together. As […]

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