Optimizing Online Text for Usability

Inverted Pyramid

Many people argue for using less text online because “people just don’t read anymore” — that might be the case. But, text isn’t going anywhere, and its use can’t (or shouldn’t, at least) be avoided. While it’s always advisable to use graphical elements within a design, it’s also extremely important to remember the potential power […]

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Clockulator: Know When to Get Up and Go

Clockulator (www.clockulator.com), an easy-to-use responsive web app, can quickly determine what time you should go to sleep, wake up or start getting ready, as well as when you should leave to plan for a punctual arrival at your destination. I built Clockulator to fulfill a need I had, which originated during a time when I […]

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Using Emotion to Encourage Hygiene

According to the Biovigil demo video, HAIs – or “Healthcare Acquired Infections” – are the 4th leading cause of death in America and cost the US healthcare system a staggering $30-$40 billion dollars a year. A major contributor to these infections is the transmission of microbes from one patient to another on the un-sanitized hands […]

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Material – Google’s New UX Design Language

Google recently released their design language “Material” and we’re all waiting patiently to discover what it’s like to live in a “material world” (as it’s being referred to). This is a decisive push for consistency across their product ecosystem and platforms and we’re excited to see how it affects interface design trends and usability expectations. To […]

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Creative Research Recruiting: NYC Taxi’s “Passenger Survey”

After a dinner that was interrupted by several startling inclement weather alerts from my phone, I hopped into the nearest cab home, drenched and somewhat annoyed. My irritability rushed me (at a quicker-than-usual pace) to cancel/mute/kill the programming reel I knew was about to run on the cab’s “passenger information monitor” (PIM). But, that’s when […]

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The Harmony of
UX Design Language Systems

What is a UX design language system? A UX design language system is an overarching set of design rules that maintains harmony across an ecosystem of digital products. It helps you deliver optimal product experiences on all platforms. It’s a way of making sense of entire digital ecosystems and mashes “brand languages”, “design principles”, “human interface guidelines”, “styleguides”  and “motion guides” together. As […]

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Why I Love Paul Smith’s Tour de France Posters

Paul Smith Tour de France Poster

I dig these promotional Tour de France posters. Here’s why: The posters work together individually, and as a whole. Each poster works when viewed on its own, and when viewed side by side. The posters are part of a carefully considered design system. The designer created iconic shapes using the outlines of the different Tour […]

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More Effective User Research With a Heuristic Analysis

At Catalyst Group, our user experience design and research teams are constantly working together to fine-tune processes to better meet the needs of our clients.  When a client comes to us with a project with a specific focus on research, for example, we look to our toolbox for opportunities to increase the efficiency and impact of […]

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