Material – Google’s New UX Design Language

Google recently released their design language “Material” and we’re all waiting patiently to discover what it’s like to live in a “material world” (as it’s being referred to). This is a decisive push for consistency across their product ecosystem and platforms and we’re excited to see how it affects interface design trends and usability expectations. To […]

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Creative Research Recruiting: NYC Taxi’s “Passenger Survey”

After a dinner that was interrupted by several startling inclement weather alerts from my phone, I hopped into the nearest cab home, drenched and somewhat annoyed. My irritability rushed me (at a quicker-than-usual pace) to cancel/mute/kill the programming reel I knew was about to run on the cab’s “passenger information monitor” (PIM). But, that’s when […]

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The Harmony of
UX Design Language Systems

What is a UX design language system? A UX design language system is an overarching set of design rules that maintains harmony across an ecosystem of digital products. It helps you deliver optimal product experiences on all platforms. It’s a way of making sense of entire digital ecosystems and mashes “brand languages”, “design principles”, “human interface guidelines”, “styleguides”  and “motion guides” together. As […]

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Why I Love Paul Smith’s Tour de France Posters

Paul Smith Tour de France Poster

I dig these promotional Tour de France posters. Here’s why: The posters work together individually, and as a whole. Each poster works when viewed on its own, and when viewed side by side. The posters are part of a carefully considered design system. The designer created iconic shapes using the outlines of the different Tour […]

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More Effective User Research With a Heuristic Analysis

At Catalyst Group, our user experience design and research teams are constantly working together to fine-tune processes to better meet the needs of our clients.  When a client comes to us with a project with a specific focus on research, for example, we look to our toolbox for opportunities to increase the efficiency and impact of […]

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One Hamburger, Hold the Menu

Hamburger menus are becoming increasingly ubiquitous as responsive design evolves, and the UX community is taking notice. Luis Abreu’s article in Smashing Magazine and Josh Constine’s article in TechCrunch have both recently addressed some of the pitfalls of using this menu option on mobile sites. At Catalyst we’ve noticed another concerning trend: the use of […]

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Catalyst and Jefferson Partner for the Redesign of

Catalyst is proud and excited to congratulate Jefferson on the launch of its suite of both redesigned and newly designed sites, which includes: The Jefferson enterprise site ( The Thomas Jefferson University site (, The Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals site (, The Jefferson Physicians site (, The Jefferson Philanthropy site (, and The Jefferson Innovation site […]

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Lorem Ipsum Post Title

“Kill Lorem Ipsum” is one of the five items listed in Dan Willis’ blog post “Five Things Every UX Designer Should Do Well”. Whether or not designers can kill lorem ipsum “well” is beside the point, according to a few Catalytes, who shared and discussed their own take on the impact of lorem ipsum on UX […]

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