Some Interesting Mobile Usage Statistics

We all know that a mobile user experience strategy is a vital component of any business’ digital product development plans. Smartphones are ubiquitous and tablets are increasingly so. But many companies struggle to determine the right content and functional priorities for their mobile presences. It’s not just the constraint of the small screen size and […]

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Ray’s Smartwatch Test Drive

The Pebble smartwatch was originally introduced via a very successful Kickstarter campaign (they raised $100,000 in two hours). As with the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the Pebble does not stand alone — it works in conjunction with a bluetooth-capable smartphone. So, in essence, it is an auxiliary screen for my phone. My initial reaction to this was… “Meh.” However, […]

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iOS7 is here! (Meh)

I upgraded my iPad to iOS 7 and am not really that impressed. In fact, I totally disagree with the talk that this is a “revolutionary” redesign, particularly from an experiential perspective. Visual redesignYeah, this is a significant departure from the old look. No more leather, gradients, or shine. Flat… great. Some like it, some […]

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