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The Live Scribe Vibe (Guest Post)

It’s cool to see the New York Times giving some attention to the LiveScribe pen in their article The Pen That Never Forgets. I’ve been using one for about 6 months now, and have become a bit of an evangelist.

Looking Sharpie!

Sharpie has really put some thought into engaging, fun and creative posts that serve to sell the product.

Nick’s Talk at EdUI 2009

Here’s the video of my Applications vs. Websites presentation at EdUI 2009. Enjoy!

NYTimes Adds Headline Customization

The NYTimes has added a customization option to the homepage story “feed” box. It’s just one of a series of experimental new offerings that the Times has been rolling out. This one is surprising: I understood the “Most Popular” box to be one of the higher traffic driving elements on the site; odd that they […]

Today’s Helpful Time-Waster

The scarcity of available domain names has been vexing entrepreneurs / dreamers (like me) for quite some time now. Just the other day, I was trying to dream up a name for my latest killer startup idea, but the lack of a corresponding domain name kiboshed all my contenders. I wondered: why can’t I start […]