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eReader Showdown – Kindle 2 vs. Sony Reader

In our continuing “usability deathmatch” series, we pitted the Amazon Kindle 2 against the Sony eReader. Will it be a slam dunk? read our report and see! You can download your very own copy … or read it right here: Kindle v Sony – FINAL –

Reid Hoffman carries three devices

I really enjoyed this interview with Reid Hoffman (CEO of LinkedIn, investor in many other companies, including Facebook). He lays out the benefits and unique aspects of the various networking sites – social and professional – in a way that is straightforward and sensible. Two other notable points: Both Reid AND Charlie carry a cell […]

Der Kindle

Steven Johnson has a good concise review of the Kindle. I’m a couple months into the new Kindle as well and I share some of his reactions — particularly the odd anachronistic impression of the screen. Still, I’m loving the device. The one-handed reading on the subway is a joy (no need to let go […]

Just Plain Cool

Look at the cute little Laser Projector

Re-Post of Handheld Testing Videos

Re-post of the Demo videos of Catalyst’s handheld testing platform.