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Worth a Read

Check out this fascinating article penned by my IxDA board colleague Steve Baty. I Love the idea of extending design thinking beyond the interface alone.

Sometimes I don’t want an “Experience.”

Friday’s kvetch: Sometimes I don’t want an “experience,” I just want good, usable design that let’s me get crap done.

Citi Usability Fail

We know from many years of usability testing with financial services and insurance companies that getting customers or members to “go paperless” can represent real cost savings – not to mention the environmental impact of all that paper and printing. So, upon logging into my Citi credit card account, I was not surprised to see […]

NYTimes Adds Headline Customization

The NYTimes has added a customization option to the homepage story “feed” box. It’s just one of a series of experimental new offerings that the Times has been rolling out. This one is surprising: I understood the “Most Popular” box to be one of the higher traffic driving elements on the site; odd that they […]

Ebay Gets Deeper Into the Website Business Part II

CoFactors casts a gimlet eye on eBay’s new ProStores business