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Worth a Read

Check out this fascinating article penned by my IxDA board colleague Steve Baty. I Love the idea of extending design thinking beyond the interface alone.

AccuWeather: Client Shout-Out, preview edition

We’re thrilled to congratulate our client AccuWeather on the launch of their new beta site. Also, on the positive comments by the folks over at Techcrunch (“streamlined” is exactly the word we would use . Stay tuned for the “full” relaunch soon — we look forward to any comments from the weather-checking public.

NYTimes Adds Headline Customization

The NYTimes has added a customization option to the homepage story “feed” box. It’s just one of a series of experimental new offerings that the Times has been rolling out. This one is surprising: I understood the “Most Popular” box to be one of the higher traffic driving elements on the site; odd that they […]

Home… Again.

Here’s one solution to the ever-popular “do we need a ‘home’ link in the main navigation?” dilemma… Amazon provides an informative “homepage” rollover state on their logo — just in case you weren’t sure what would happen if you clicked there.