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Fall into the Gap (logo)

I, and thousands of others, have been having a jolly old time for the last couple of days (mostly on Twitter) snarking all over the new Gap logo. For those of you who have had better things to do than follow this scandal, here’s the brief: 1. Gap launches awful new logo (see it here) […]

Sometimes I don’t want an “Experience.”

Friday’s kvetch: Sometimes I don’t want an “experience,” I just want good, usable design that let’s me get crap done.

Speakerphones: Some Guidelines

I recently received a call from a prospective client — a really nice person, as it turns out — who conducted the entire call on speakerphone. It was a brief call and its main purpose was simply to set up a meeting, but when it was over I found that I had a slight negative […]

George Carlin, RIP

For me, George Carlin defined “funny.” At the tender age of 15, I memorized every word of his 1982 post-heart-attack-recovery concert at Carnegie Hall (which you can watch here in its entirety — thank you Google). It wasn’t just his ability to see the irony and absurdity in everyday language and situations — or the […]

A Drinking Problem

Peter gets a handle on rental car parking brakes.