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Love is in the Air! (but not online)

Call us sentimental fools, but we can’t help being all excited about Valentine’s Day! It’s a day to reflect on how much our loved one(s) mean to us, and to express these feelings in the form of…well, three-dollar greeting cards and last minute candy from Duane Reade. It’s also a great time to check in […]

Extra Credit: An Eye Tracking study of Credit Card Websites

We’re very excited to publish the Catalyst Group report we recently finished that takes a look at three major financial services websites:,, and

New Eye Tracking Study: Friends List Layouts

We’re very excited to publish the report from a study we just completed that compared two common layouts for “friends list” on social / business networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Our goal for this study was to deploy our Eye Tracking service in an extremely focused manner – directed at a particular step in […]

Reid Hoffman carries three devices

I really enjoyed this interview with Reid Hoffman (CEO of LinkedIn, investor in many other companies, including Facebook). He lays out the benefits and unique aspects of the various networking sites – social and professional – in a way that is straightforward and sensible. Two other notable points: Both Reid AND Charlie carry a cell […]

The Business Experiment

Will the “Wisdom of Crowds” transalte to good business sense?