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The Live Scribe Vibe (Guest Post)

It’s cool to see the New York Times giving some attention to the LiveScribe pen in their article The Pen That Never Forgets. I’ve been using one for about 6 months now, and have become a bit of an evangelist.

Google vs. Bing – Search Engine Preference

We just finished a report that compares Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, with Google. Our goal for this study was to gather users’ general impressions of the Google and Bing search engines, including overall functionality, presentation of content, and overall fit with user expectations and needs. We also wanted to see how much attention users […]

Twig: Innovation or Illusion?

At Catalyst, we’ve spent a lot of hours designing and conducting usability studies on ad-supported media sites. And based on our experience, the general rule is that users understand why ads are there and are somewhat willing to tolerate them as a necessary evil — assuming they see them at all, which they often don’t. […]

Look what we found

Catalyst founder Jon Mysel provides commentary regarding a recent Catalyst project

Jakob Nielsen is not Wrong (Pt. 2)

More thoughts on the validity of A/B and Multivariate Testing