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Love is in the Air! (but not online)

Call us sentimental fools, but we can’t help being all excited about Valentine’s Day! It’s a day to reflect on how much our loved one(s) mean to us, and to express these feelings in the form of…well, three-dollar greeting cards and last minute candy from Duane Reade. It’s also a great time to check in […]

eReader Showdown – Kindle 2 vs. Sony Reader

In our continuing “usability deathmatch” series, we pitted the Amazon Kindle 2 against the Sony eReader. Will it be a slam dunk? read our report and see! You can download your very own copy … or read it right here: Kindle v Sony – FINAL –

Google vs. Bing – Search Engine Preference

We just finished a report that compares Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, with Google. Our goal for this study was to gather users’ general impressions of the Google and Bing search engines, including overall functionality, presentation of content, and overall fit with user expectations and needs. We also wanted to see how much attention users […]

Usability Testing and the Police Lineup

What does a recent study on the relative efficacy of police lineups have to do with Usability Testing?

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