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Looking Sharpie!

Sharpie has really put some thought into engaging, fun and creative posts that serve to sell the product.

Oh, Sheet!

Janine and I co-wrote an article for Smashing Magazine, in which we uncovered and analyzed the deceptively difficult process of buying bedsheets on three popular ecommerce sites. It just might send you walking over to your local department store in real life – out of exasperation! On real feet! Enjoy the article here.

Nick’s Talk at EdUI 2009

Here’s the video of my Applications vs. Websites presentation at EdUI 2009. Enjoy!

Sometimes I don’t want an “Experience.”

Friday’s kvetch: Sometimes I don’t want an “experience,” I just want good, usable design that let’s me get crap done.

Google vs. Bing – Search Engine Preference

We just finished a report that compares Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, with Google. Our goal for this study was to gather users’ general impressions of the Google and Bing search engines, including overall functionality, presentation of content, and overall fit with user expectations and needs. We also wanted to see how much attention users […]