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Love is in the Air! (but not online)

Call us sentimental fools, but we can’t help being all excited about Valentine’s Day! It’s a day to reflect on how much our loved one(s) mean to us, and to express these feelings in the form of…well, three-dollar greeting cards and last minute candy from Duane Reade. It’s also a great time to check in […]

Google vs. Bing – Search Engine Preference

We just finished a report that compares Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, with Google. Our goal for this study was to gather users’ general impressions of the Google and Bing search engines, including overall functionality, presentation of content, and overall fit with user expectations and needs. We also wanted to see how much attention users […]

Extra Credit: An Eye Tracking study of Credit Card Websites

We’re very excited to publish the Catalyst Group report we recently finished that takes a look at three major financial services websites:,, and

New Eye Tracking Study: Friends List Layouts

We’re very excited to publish the report from a study we just completed that compared two common layouts for “friends list” on social / business networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Our goal for this study was to deploy our Eye Tracking service in an extremely focused manner – directed at a particular step in […]

Usability of Presidential Candidate Sites

So much has been made of the role of the Internet in this year’s presidential election. In particular, the Obama campaign has made some impressive claims about the success of in fund-raising and organization of supporters. Even on the most superficial level, the two candidate sites have a lot in common in terms of […]