Effective user experiences happen at the intersection of your user needs and business goals. We work closely with our Research and Strategy teams to make sure we’re designing for the right needs and goals. And we pair with visual designers so we all have the full picture. Of course, we’re huge fans of innovation. We’re always looking for creative solutions and new technology. Whether you need a website, application, kiosk, or whatever, we’re all about enjoyable experiences — for your customer and for you.

Application Design

Difficult problems are no problem.
Deep interactions. That’s where we’re at our best. Solving complex user problems with simple, elegant solutions. Let’s surprise your customer by making a task crazy easy. Great application design comes from insightful research and decisive strategy, which are the cornerstone of what we do at Catalyst. It’s not easy, but we work hard to make it easy for you.

Mobile + Responsive Design

Design for customers, not trends.
Mobile and Responsive design can keep your relationship with your customer intact on the go. But they’re possible solutions, not user needs. We’ll research your customer to make sure they can use your product wherever they’re actually going to use it. We’re not here to spend your money, we’re here to hit your business goals with the right solutions. If that’s Mobile or Responsive Design, we’re all about it.

Content Strategy

Content is king. We’ll help you crown it.
There’s so much competition in the content market. We’ll do the research to find out how you can stand out. And we’ll do the research that will tell you how your customers are — or should be — engaging with your media. Then we’ll design experiences that make it super easy for your customers to find and share your stellar content. Let’s turn engagement from a metric into a lifestyle.

Information Architecture

It’s not a site map, it’s a treasure map.
Users expect your site to be organized in a way that makes sense for them. We’ll help you understand how they think. Their mental models. Whether you have an existing UX or are starting a new one, we’ll get to know your user through any number of research tactics. We’ll use Card Sorting and Tree Testing. X marks the spot where mental models and business goals meet. We’ll find the site map that gets there.

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