Save money and time. That’s what Lean UX is about. It’s a workflow methodology for creating better user experiences more effectively. It’s based on the popular Lean Startup model of Build > Measure > Learn. We can use Lean UX to rapidly test our ideas, validate them with real customers, and adjust our ideas based on what we learn. Iterate. We hope our ideas never fail, but if they do, we want to fail fast so we can fix it faster.


Lean UX lets you focus on ideas and experiences, not on deliverables. On collaboration over documentation. A quick whiteboard sketch can get a developer thinking sooner than if they waited for a detailed wireframe. Let’s not build entire products based on assumptions. Let’s validate our ideas first. Money and time are too precious to waste chasing bad ideas.


Find your metric that matters. The metric that will let you know your idea is the way to go. Avoid vanity metrics like Follows or Clicks. Let’s find something actionable, like percentage of active users who did that thing we wanted. Get the data from testing with real customers, because that’s the only way we’ll really know. When the metric comes in, let’s be ready to Learn.


What’s our plan when that metric comes in? If our metric is truly actionable, we should have a few ideas in the bag if it goes north or south. Let’s be ready to push on if it goes well, and pivot to our next idea if it doesn’t. We’re doing this to get on the right track as efficiently as possible. When we’re confident we’ve learned, lets start the cycle again. Back to Build, and repeat!

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