Catalyst Group is a User Experience Design, Research, and Strategy firm. Think of us as a matchmaking service for your business needs and your customer needs. Yes, we’re customer advocates. But we’re your advocates, too. If the design doesn’t work for both parties, it doesn’t work. Learn how we do things.


The experience is the story.

Since 1998, the team at Catalyst has been a champion of UX Research, Strategy, and Design. While the industry has changed — and the technology has definitely changed — our unwavering mission has been the same:

We believe in making user experiences that enrich the human experience.

Sure, we’ve changed the way we get there. We’re more Lean now. We’re faster, better, more effective. We’re better at helping our clients understand UX — and us. But we’re still going to do everything in our power to exceed your business goals while making your customers’ days a little brighter. That’s always going to be true. Always.

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Our Values

High Quality
Offer every client our best work; work that is innovative and creative and aims for tangible beneficial outcomes.
Proudly Professional
Hold ourselves, and our colleagues, to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.
We constantly re-examine and reconsider our methods and work product in order to improve the effectiveness of our services.
Strive to foster a positive and constructive attitude towards our work and our relationships with colleagues and clients.
Support our colleagues’ professional growth in the areas that are meaningful to them.
Seek opportunities to extend our ability to solve the problems of our clients and their customers.



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