UX Strategy is about choosing the right direction. We start by understanding your business goals and your customer needs. Understanding why you want to do something, not just what you want to do, so we can help plot the course. We believe in exposing the intentions behind every choice we make together. That helps us find the direction that informs the most effective research and results in the best designs. And unlike a lot of firms, we make our strategy measurable by attaching metrics to design. Because you deserve to know.

Exploratory Research

Know your customer like never before.
Empathy. It’s at the core of every great UX. You have to empathize with the customer. Know how they think, feel, act. Exploratory research puts us in your customer’s proverbial shoes. Interviews, shadowing, diary studies. Anything that can help us understand where the user’s needs overlap with your business needs.

Market Research

To move forward, you have to know where you are.
It’s probably obvious to say that UX Strategy should be grounded in reality, not assumptions. But reality isn’t always obvious. We’ll work to understand not just your competition, but also your reality. An objective view of your brand and offerings and how you stack up in the marketplace. So when we make a big leap forward, we’ll know just how far we really need to jump.

Collaborative Workshops

Because Post-it Notes can solve any problem.
You know your business problems as well as anyone. Your team has great ideas. But sometimes, it’s hard to put those together. We can facilitate workshops to help your team generate ideas, so we can test them. Workshops can be kinda fun, too.

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