We believe in creating unique and deeply engaging experiences. Visual design isn’t just icing on that cake. Our designers are involved from the start, so we can develop informed concepts that solve your problem creatively. We balance business goals, brand goals, UX goals and tech goals, so we end up with designs that please everyone: you, your customer, even your dev team.

Visual Design Research + Strategy

Great design doesn’t happen in a vacuum.
It takes design research. We get to know your users and competitors. Gauge the visual landscape of the marketplace — and what your users think about it. Then we’ll focus on a design direction from four angles: Brand, Business, Users and Tech. That leads to moodboards. They get our creativity flowing and show you our thinking. We can even build them together in a workshop, which you should definitely try with us.

Conceptual Design

Watch your next great user experience take shape.
Concept design is where the serious fun happens. We take everything we learned from the research and moodboards and work with the interaction designers to create conceptual models of your UX. An experience that’s truly engaging. That has the right brand feel, with cutting-edge functionality. One that your users just won’t use, but one they’ll desire.

Design Systems

Like a GPS of your user experience.
Every day, we use visual clues to get around. To find highway exits and the right bathroom door. It’s the same online. Design Systems are what make sense of the visual world in your experience. We use tools like templates and style guides to create consistency, familiarity and comfort for users. These systems help them get things done more efficiently — and they feel good while they’re doing them.

Other expertise

  • Visual interface design
  • Brand design (Visual & Interaction)
  • Visual communication: Typography, Illustration, Animation, Icon design, Art Direction
  • Detailed design prototyping
  • Responsive visual design
  • Design & technology production systems

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